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About Me

  • Frontend Engineer
  • Technical Product Manager
  • Builder with ownership mindset
  • Mentor
  • Solo traveller (wannabe)



Product Manager (earlier SDE - II) πŸ§™β€β™‚οΈ

Working in smallcase Gateway team which is building broking & lending gateway for other fintechs to enable native investing & borrowing experience.

How Stripe is for banks & payments, smallcase Gateway is for brokers & investments.

Hats I wear: Product Management

Hats I used to wear: Frontend Development, Developer Relations

Tech stack: React, Next.Js, NodeJs, MongoDB, AWS


Specialist Programmer πŸ’…πŸΌ

Was a part of niche Strategic Technology Group as a MERN stack developer.

Worked with Asian retail giant to optimise their operations by building a multi-media platform for large manufacturers & retailers to interact on designs and place bulk orders

Tech stack: React, NodeJs, Oracle

Side Projects

Whatsapp Anyone

No need to save contact πŸ’¬

Built a handy Progressive Web App (PWA) that allows starting Whatsapp chat without having to save their contacts. Helping sales reps save effort. Built with Next.js & next-pwa

XIRR calculator

Just upload Zerodha tradebook πŸ“ˆ

XIRR is the annual rate of return of generated by your portfolio. This app helps you calculate your portfolio XIRR by simple tradebook upload facility. Uses Next.js & xirr. Computes in browser.

Dalal Book

Journal for diamond brokers πŸ’Ž

Created a web app for diamond brokers to effectively manage client payments on cloud. Built fullstack with NextJs and MongoDB.

NGO website

First Human Rights Foundation πŸ‘«

Built & hosted a static, functional website for a Human Rights NGO. Used HTML, CSS (Bootstrap, ofc!), and JS.

Open to Hangout

I am always open to help in any way possible.

Want to discuss something in particular, or just hangout?

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